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A Tailored Solution

At Signary, we use a user-centered approach to problem-solving known as design thinking. Our process is focused on empathy for the end-user, iteration, and constant refinement to arrive at the best possible solution.



We start by gaining a deep understanding of the people we're designing for. We observe their behavior, listen to their stories, and ask questions to gain insight into their needs and desires.



Armed with this understanding, we define the problem we're trying to solve. This stage involves synthesizing the information we've gathered and using it to create a clear and concise problem statement.



In this stage, we generate a wide range of ideas for possible solutions. We encourage creativity and aim for diversity in our thinking, knowing that the best solutions often come from unexpected places.



We take the most promising ideas and turn them into tangible representations that we can test and refine. This might be a simple sketch, a 3D model, or a working prototype.



We bring our prototypes to life and test them with real users. This is where we get feedback, identify areas for improvement, and iterate on our designs.


Impact measurement

After the solution has been implemented, we measure its impact and gather data to determine whether it is achieving the desired outcomes. This information helps us make informed decisions about how to further refine and improve the solution.

By following this process, we're able to arrive at solutions that meet the needs of the people we're designing for, while also being feasible and desirable. Our approach is flexible and adaptable, allowing us to constantly refine and improve our designs until we get it just right."

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